In Life, you hold the key to (Who you want to become), select the vehicle to (What it will take to get you there), determine the direction you want to go to, and determine how fast you (The timeline you set for your goals) get to your goals. All you need to do is pick a destination (Make a Decision), create a map (Action Plan), get in and just drive (Implementation)!” –Dr. Jay Edward Purnsley

Dr. Jay Edward Purnsley


Dr. Jay” Edward Purnsley is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, philanthropist, and a business strategist. He specializes in working with individuals, groups, and organizations that seek to operate more efficiently and to maximize their potential. He is a strong advocate for “self-empowerment. Dr. Jay understands the fundamentals of “empowerment” and believes that if you apply his simple principles and models of success, it will benefit your future goals tremendously.

Dr. Jay also has a passion to consult. He believes that “ordinary people can do extraordinary things”. He is emphatic about connecting people and organizations “to their success”. Having spent fifteen years working in the government sector as an executive manager, Dr. Jay has successfully impacted areas of growth relating to performance management, organizational development, project management, and professional development. It is here that he developed an expertise in business strategy and performance. His success in these areas has inspired him to assist others in transforming their visions and goals into reality.

Dr. Jay has a personal connection to the individual that has a bright idea or a concept to create, but has let fear, doubt, other personal barriers affect their decision to move forward. In all honesty, he was that person. This was his reality until he discovered that failure is not determined by missing your goal, it is the act of not trying or attempting at all. He overcame these barriers by developing a tolerance for adversity, challenges, and learning how to be comfortable with “getting uncomfortable”.

Dr. Jay has personally coached a number of people on valuable strategies that outline their personal and professional goals. Helping enjoys helping people define their purpose.

In 2018, Dr. Jay founded Brilliant Culture Apparel Group. The brand “Brilliant Culture” epitomizes these core attributes: “Empowerment, Consciousness, and Resilience”. The brand resonates a sense of style and comfort that reflects individual brilliance. It vocalizes the brilliance we all possess, but may not recognize or regularly demonstrate. Its motto is “You Are Brilliant, So Be Brilliant”.

Dr. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Master’s in Human Resource Management, and a Doctorate in Business Administration Organization Development.

Dr. Jay founded DJEP Enterprises, which consists of two impactful organizations centered around “self -empowerment”: Zealadroit Business Solutions (ZBS) Consulting and Brilliant Culture Research Group (BCRG).